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About: : a lot of inserts and links : Italian page with a lot of links. : A very extensive page with a lo of surveys, inserts and links. Schwiss association. (European Rodmakers Gatherings, Agate Guides 1 and Agate Guides 2 )                 

Frank Neunemann’s Web-site : E.g. Heat Treating by Hot Air 1, Heat treating by Hot Air 2, , SplittingMeasuring Strips. IBRA (Italian Bamboo Rodmakers Association).

Rod Making: : Step by step :

Rodmaking Process (Marcelo Calviello)

Guide Spacing & Size Chart (Tom Morgan)

The Global Fly Fishers Guide to Building Bamboo Fly Rods: Part 1 – 7

Ib Olsen (Perben Torp Jacobsen)

The Global Fly Fisher: Ib Olsens Bamboo Rods  (Preben Torp Jacobsen)

Mehrfach-Gespliesste Ruten (Kurt Zumbrunn)

Tri-Hex Rods (Lee Koch)

Tycoon Laminated Splitcane Rods 

Der Bau einer Gespliessten Fliegenrute (Kurt Zumbrunn) – about 13-split rods

Bamboo under the Microscope (Wolfram Schott)

A few remarks about Silk Lines (Wolfram Schott)

Einige Bemerkungen zu Seidenschnüren (Wolfram Schott)

Rod Tapers:

Tom Smithwick: A Look At Bamboo Rod Tapers – The Basics (USA): Tapers from many of The Old Masters: Garrison, Dickerson, Leonard, Payne, Powell, Young and many more.

DynaRod Taperliste

RodDna (USA): Database and program to calculate tapers and stresscurves.

Hexrod (USA): Database and program to calculate tapers and stresscurves . Hexrod uses the engineering stress analysis developed by Everett Garrison as described in his book, “A Master’s Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod”. Wayne Cattanach implemented the analysis in the BASIC language and named it Hexrod and Frank Stetser  made Hexrod simple to use.

Frank Stetser’s Hexrod Taper Archive :

“European Rod Tapers”  by Wolfram Schott, – a.o. about Spey Rods, Grant’s Greehart Rods, Hardy, Pezon et Michel, Hørgård, Sharpe, and tapers of 24 Onehands- og 25 Twohands Rods.

David Ray’s Taper Library Tapers from Italian Rod Builders The IRP7232 (taper from IBRA)

iTAPER – Rod Design Software, from Markus Rohrbach (in German)

Building a PHY Para14 Spey Rod, by Ron Grantham


Where to find it: 

The Anglers Bamboo Company (USA): Importer of Tonkin-Bamboo from China to USA and Europe (Springforelle , Berlin, Germany).

The Bamboo Broker  (USA): Importer of Tonkin-Bamboo from China to USA and Europe. (USA): Link to Suppliers.

Bellinger (USA): Reel Seats, Bamboo Rodmaking Machines & Equipment. Rodmaking Supplies, Instruction.

R. Chapman & Co. (UK): Splitcane blanks, Nickel Silver ferrules from: REC (USA), Classic Sporting Enterprises (Bailey Wood) (USA) and Pezon & Michel (Fr), Stripper Guides, Tip Top Guides, Snake Guides, Real Seats, cork etc. Tonkin-bamboo from The Bamboo Broker.

Cork4us (Portugal): Cork from Portugal.

Gary Dabrowski (USA): Rodmakers Findings – But caps, nickel silver, aluminium

Charles H. Demarest (USA) : Importer of Tonkin-Bamboo from China to USA.

Dick (De): German Tool-dealer: Planes from Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, Kunz, Stanley and Anant, Hock blades, Grinding-tools, Japan-sawes and a lot more.

GoldenWitch (USA):

Hopkins & Holloway (UK): e.g. Stripper Guides, Tip Top Guides, Snake Guides (Seymo), Brass ferrules (e.g. for renovation of older Rods)

Landmark Components (USA): Cork Grips, Rod Tubes, Reel Seats.

Mudhole (USA): Guides, Reel Seats, Ferrules etc.

Pacific Bay (USA): Rod Wrappers, Rod Dryers, Reel Seats, Cork Grips, Guides a.o.

Peakbamboo (USA): Importer of Tonkin-Bamboo from China to USA.

Quinchat Rods (USA): Machines for makers of Bamboo Fly Rods.

REC components (USA): Guides, Reel Seats, Ferrules etc.

Bret Riter (USA): Green Highlander Fly Fishing – Bamboo Ovens, Cork Presses a.o.

Rush River Rods (USA): Ferrules, Reel Seat Hardware, Nickel Silver.

Springforelle (Germany): Importer of Tonkin-Bamboo from China to Germany / Europe.

Larry Swearingen (USA): Swearingen Planing Forms

J. D. Wagner (USA): Wagnerrods – Planing Forms, Lathes, Rod Binders, Splicing Block, Hock Blades, Ferrules and Guides.

JWFlyRods (USA): Roughing Bevellers, Rod Wrappers, Binders, Block Plane Levelers, One Pass Finish Mill, CNC Finish Mill.


Magazines, Periodicals:

Bøger, tidsskrifter, video, 22.04.13. 048

The Planing Form”, – American “newsletter”

Published 6 times a year.

Subscription: Kirk Brummels,,

Cost of a yearly subscription is $30 for US residents, $35 for Canada residents, and $45 for those who reside outside of the US or Canada.

Back issues from Jan/Feb 2015: Kirk Brummels,,

Back issues until Nov/Dec 2014:

The Planing Form Newsletter… The First 25 Years. Now available; a DVD with all 150 back issues, year 1990 to 2014 and a 174 page, hard copy index, organized in a 6 category table of contents. Search more than 1500 pages of rod making history by dates, titles, authors, tapers, ads and places/events!

All for $75.00 with shipping included to the CONUS. Add $15.00 shipping and handling for orders outside the USA.

For more information or to order contact: Ron Barch at or


Bøger, tidsskrifter, video, 22.04.13. 037

Power Fibers Online Magazine” – American online periodical.

Published 4 times a year.

Power Fibers Online Magazine is up and running again, Next issue: January 2018.  

Latest issue (Issue 57, October 2014) is still to be downloaded, to read, to save on your PC or to be printed out.

Backissue Index,     Backissue Descriptions.




Bøger, tidsskrifter, video, 22.04.13. 035

”Bamboo Journal”IBRA Online Newsletter. Italian online magazine, published by IBRA (Italian Bamboo Rodmakers Association).

To be read and downloaded in Italian and English.

All issues are available.

Collecting, Historical:

Angling Auctions (UK) – Neil Freeman Auctions, London

Classic Antique Fishing Tackle (UK)

Classic Angling Magazine (UK)

ClassicVintageFishingTackle (UK)

Len Codella’s Sporting Collectibles (USA) – Used Vintage Bamboo Fly Rods


Fly Fishing History by Andrew Herd

Hildebrandt’s – German Auction – William (Streamer) Abrams, (USA) – New and used Rods

Mullocks Vintage Tackle Auction (UK) – Vintage Fishing Tackle

Northeastflyfisherman (UK) – Second Hand Hardy Cane Rods

Hardy – The Past the Present and the Future” – (Short passage about Splitcane Fly Rods)

“Asbjørn Hørgård A/S”  by Dr. Wolfram Schott

The Jordan-Mills Rod Co. (USA), Carmine Lisella – Classic and Vintage Fishing Tackle.

Pezon & Michel – History of a Century.

Pezon & Michel – The Story

Reel Antique Angling (UK), Antique and Vintage Fishing Tackle

Redwing Fly Rods (USA), Bamboo Fly Rod Restoration & Sales

“The legendary Hardy CC de France rod” fra The Fishing Museum Online (UK)

J.D. Wagner: “A Brief History of the Bamboo Flyrod”, Vintage Fly Rods.

Vintage Fly Tackle (USA)

Paul H. Young Rod Database

The Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library” – has not been updated since 2003. The page is not active, but can be found at

Forums :

The Classic Fly Rod Forum (USA) : UK forum. – “Rodbuilding” also about split-cane/bamboo fly rods..

Le Forum de Gillum (France)

Rodbuildingforum (USA)

Rodmakers List-Server (USA)

The Bamboo Rod Forum : (USA)


Gatherings :

The Catskill Rodmakers Gathering (USA)

Corbett Rodmakers’ Gathering (Canada): May 12-15, 2016

Eastern Sierra Rod Makers Gathering (USA), September 23rd & 24th 2016

European Rodmakers Gathering (Switzerland), 21th to the 23th of October 2016

European Rodmakers Gathering, Earlier European Rodmakers Gatherings

The Southern Rodmakers Gathering (USA),  October 20, 21 & 22, 2016



Bookstores, Publishers : (USA) (EU) (USA)  (UK) (UK): (USA): (USA)

Coch-Y-Bonddu (UK): New and used books, and Publisher. (USA) (UK) (Germany) (USA) (USA)

Powell’s Books (USA): New and used books

The Whitefish Press (USA): Publisher of books related to Rodbuilding, Rodbuilders, Flyfishing etc. + “Fishing for History – Magazine” – latest issue to be downloaded.


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