In “BOOKS” and “MAGAZINES” you will find a listing of printed materials mostly in English and German, that deal with Splitcane Fly Rods / Bamboo Fly Rods, the Rodmakers, the Rods, the Rodmaking, the History, etc.

I have been collecting information from books and magazines on Splitcane / Bamboo Fly Rods for many years. I hope that other Splitcane / Bamboo enthusiasts will use the lists to find information and get inspired to dig into the subject. Good hunt.

If the lists shall continue to get updated and get expanded, I need your help. Thank you to all, who already have contributed with information and material.

I will appreciate to get information about material (from books, magazines and periodicals, new or older), that is not on the lists. I am also interested to know about book-rewiew, links and downloads related to books, magazines, periodicals about splitcane-/bamboo fly rods.      Please use the “CONTACT” button.

Scandinavian published materials in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian you will find HERE   

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