Updated 22-03-2023

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The Lost World of Mr. Hardy (2008). DVD, Run time: 93 min. – A documentary film about a family fishing tackle business. It was directed by Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier and produced by Trufflepig Films. The film includes rediscovered footage of salmon fishing 80 years ago shown with old film reels, filmed by L.R. Hardy and his chauffeur ‘Appleby’ in the 1920s.

From Trufflepig Films: “Once upon a time people made things with their hands, beautiful cane fishing rods and exotic salmon flies. Hardy’s did this the best and were loved the world over. Adored by royalty, maharajas and film stars, they employed an army of craftsmen, made their own movies and brimmed with confident pride”.

YouTube: The Lost Worls of Mr. Hardy

Creating the Garrison Fly Rod (1973). DVD. Run time: 40 min. Produced by Hoagy B. Carmichael and directed by Bill Wheatley – the only existing film of a classic rodmaker, shows the great Everett Garrison in his workshop, demonstrating & explaining how he made his world famous bamboo fly rods. Beginning with splitting the raw bamboo, he details his own procedures, using his unusual binding machine, silk winding technique, & unique varnishing tanks, until we see a completed rod, ready for the river.
A great companion to the classic rodbuilding book by Everett Garrison, A Master’s Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod.

YouTube: Creating the Garrison FlyRod

Digger- Portrait of a Bamboo Fly Rod Maker: Francis Degere (2006). DVD. Run time: 31 min. –  Francis Degere has been making bamboo fly rods in his Adams, Massachusetts home. “Digger,” as he is known, spends 100 hours handcrafting each split-cane rod from a single culm of bamboo. His skills and techniques are revealed as he teaches the craft to his apprenctice, Fred Moran, thus passing on the torch to the next generation. Shot in documentary style, this film is more than a document of a man and his craft, more than a how-to guide: it is a tribute to a way of life and work that is vanishing in our modern mechanized world.

Trout Grass (2005). DVD. Run time: 48 min. – This unique film documents the transformation of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split-cane fly rod. Shot on location in the lush forests of Southern China and the majestic rivers of Montana, Trout Grass captures the allure of craftsmanship and rivers as well as the notion that fishing is about much more than catching fish.

Starting in the bamboo forests of Southern China, we watch as 30′ bamboo culms are harvested, slid down hillsides, loaded onto primitive wooden carts and transported to the roads or rivers below. Witness one of the legends of the craft, Mr. Hoagy B. Carmichael, as he visits for the first time, the land that served as the origin of his seminal book on bamboo rod construction (A Master’s Guide to Building a Bamboo Flyrod written in 1973 with Everett Garrison.

Follow the journey of a remarkable plant through the hands-on approach to a century-old tradition as master rod maker Glenn Brackett transforms a single bamboo pole into a stunning three-ounce fly rod. From the hands of a builder to the hands of an angler we follow narrator David James Duncan (The River Why, The Brothers K) and fly fishing legend Thomas McGuane (The Longest Silence, Ninety-two in the Shade) to one of Montana’s resplendent waterways. Here, these two anglers reveal the magic of fishing with a fly rod made of grass and connecting with the order of rivers and flowing things.

Fishing TV Trailer: Trout Grass   1:26 min.

YouTube Trailer: Trout Grass   1:26 min.

Colorado Cane: Making and Fishing the Bamboo Fly Rod (xxxx). DVD. Run time: 27 min. Producer/Director Samuel Ebersole, Narrator Audrey Elling, Graphics: Tom Manion – Meeting: Author Ed Engle, Author and flytyer A. K. Best, Author John Gierach, and Rodmakers: Bernard Ramanauskas,  Joe Arguello, Mike Clark, Alan Kube and Dalton Jordan.

YouTube: Colorado Cane: Making and Fishing the Bamboo Fly Rod